SoapUp Accessories Packaging

SoapUp is a simple yet brilliant idea - a bar of soap suspended by a wire that can be hung from a faucet or an apposite hanger, so it's always at hand, remains dry, lasts longer and is replenishable. — SoapUp can be hung from a faucet or, in case it doesn't fit, it can also hang from a hanger sold separately. The packaging for the hangers reflects SoapUp's values and simplicity. It consists of a single sheet paper and folds that provide for stifness and protection. The same packaging fits three different sizes of hangers and two different bases, a square and a round one. All the instructions required for an optimal use of the product are printed directly on packaging eliminating the need for additional leaflets. SoapUp® is a patented design by Marisa Zenone. Hangers designed by Marco Croci.

Branding, Packaging

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